My Love Affair with Shui Candles

So for those who might not have known, I never return home to the states. I know, I know‐- get the tissues. But before we get nostalgic for personal space and blinkers, I should let you know that I’m very blessed. I get care packages often.

These aren’t just any boxes, either. I get these cardboard monoliths approximately once a season. Hey, I still can’t do a proper pushup, but my friends and family think I’m cool enough to get 1/5 of a TJ MAXX in suburban New Jersey a few times a year. Feels good.

I love getting candles the most. I’ve been candle obsessed since…middle school. I remember my friends and I would take candles in jars and get little twigs and leaves and be massive dorks and have little “bonfires” (and get totally reamed out for it).

Real quick, can I just be a little controversial here? I’ve noticed something over the years about candles. So, like most other candle obsessors, I used to fawn over Bath and Body Works (Let’s not kid ourselves, I’d still buy every candle there if I could.), and I mean–don’t get me wrong. Those three wicks were a Black Friday goldmine back in the day. But…I’ve noticed…how quickly they burn out? I light an obligatory Christmas candle, and the Hanson lyric comes to mind “You turn your back and they’re gone so fast.”

So I’ve been getting those overstock, off brand bougie looking candles from TJ MAXX in my packages, and for $6.99 it’s giving a Bath and Body three wick a run for it’s money.

Okay, back to business. Yes, candles exist in Korea. Yes, they’re getting better with stock. Yes, they have overpriced Yankee Candle boutiques. But I gotta say…it just doesn’t cut it for me. In between my happy boxes from home, I’ll admit I settled at Daiso. I’ve had moments of weakness.

So now here comes this little Instagram, Shui Candle. And of course we are all thinking the same thing: Awww hey there Zucks thanks for creeping on me again and reading my mind.

But this time it’s different. I saw the words…pumpkin spice…in English? Was this a cyborg just toying with me on a day of weakness? Salting a wound of what I can’t enjoy in Best Korea?

No, no, no people. This is a real company, by a real person. It’s in English, and it is legit. So I discovered it (or was lured in really) by the words “pumpkin spice”. There was something else that really got me in: outstanding customer service.

There’s no weird form or login site or 600 auto forms to fill out or….internet explorer digital certificates (shudders) to get these magic candles. You…just message the woman. And oh my gosh, she’s so nice! It’s so efficient. I picked what I wanted (started off with the pumpkin spice and coffee one for my…first…order), gave the order, wired via ATM, and it arrived perfectly intact with 0 funny business from the post.

The packaging was adorable because it comes with this little sheet of basically “how to deal with a wooden wick candle if you’re getting a doctorate in Being Blonde”. This was very helpful for me, obviously. Also, yes you will be okay if your lighter accidentally gets the little moss or what have you. Just quickly blow it out and you’re good.

My candles…lasted quite some time. I was very pleasantly surprised. She also does this thing where she adds tealights in the scent of your choice. Classic Korean service. I love that so much!

Did I mention there’s soaps? I’m excited to buy some at some point, but I want to use up everything I have before buying new stuff.

Also, I want to be totally honest. I actually reached out and asked if I could write this. I don’t get anything for doing this. I try to think of this as a positive Yelp? We can’t really write anything negative because of South Korean Defamation Laws so if there’s a place I go to or what have you that I really didn’t like, unfortunately I would probably just keep it to myself.

It’s a personality quirk of mine that when I like a product or service or place (etc. etc.), I’ll scream it from the rooftops. I’m also a big judge on friendliness and good customer service.

In a “let me speak to your manager” world, I think it’s important to celebrate companies that I feel are just overall awesome. Who doesn’t love learning about a cool company?

One last thing: I legitimately don’t know about shipping outside of Korea. I thought about that, but didn’t see it anywhere. If the information is there and I just overlooked it, my apologies.


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12 thoughts on “My Love Affair with Shui Candles

  1. My personal favourites are Dyptique

    1. guacandrollinseoul November 15, 2020 — 4:16 pm

      Oh I’ve actually never tried them! Which scent would you recommend?

      1. guacandrollinseoul November 15, 2020 — 8:06 pm

        Oh thank you!♡

  2. As a fellow candle lover, I think those are gorgeous and can only imagine they smell wonderful as well. While I still get the B&B candles when they’re on sale, I’ve discovered that Kohls has wonderfully scented ones at half the price. Who knew? 🙂 But I’d love to find ones like the Shui candles. I love the adornments!

    1. guacandrollinseoul November 22, 2020 — 2:27 am

      Ohhh kohls! Ill have to ask for some! Thanks for the protip!♡

    2. guacandrollinseoul November 22, 2020 — 2:31 am

      Ohhh kohls! I had no idea! Thanks for the protip♡♡

      1. I didn’t either until I tried one. It was fragrant and cheaper. 🙂

  3. Ma’am how can we send you samples of our small candle company that we have here in Korea as well?

    1. guacandrollinseoul November 23, 2020 — 9:57 am

      Hey! Feel free to message me at my Instagram, which is guacandroll13. Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.♡

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