Getting Your Eyebrows (Re)Microbladed in Seoul

I admit: I am a bit lazy with my makeup. While I always apply eye makeup (I can’t live without it and good luck seeing it off me), I struggle with eyebrows. I usually do a swoosh thing freehand with some whatever eyebrow pencil that’s on hand. I never mastered all the YouTube eyebrow tutorials that I’m in awe of. I’m also always dabbing my oily skin with a tissue and somewhat worried it was smudge off? I have blonde/light brown eyebrows, and I’ve always felt that darker ones would accentuate my blue eyes more.

This is my third time getting my eyebrows microbladed in Korea, and each time I’ve been very satisfied with the results. The first person who did mine went back to the states. The second one was also great, but since I moved in March, it was just too far away for me. This third one was perfect as it’s located in Sinsa, so it’s not too far for me. One thing I’ve liked about all three microblading experiences is that each person did it western style for me (arched) as opposed to more of a straight “Korean style” brow. While I’ve seen the straight brow look incredible on many nonKoreans, it just wasn’t something that would look good on me. However, come to think of it, if you look at the pictures, it isn’t exactly super arched the way it may be home. Still, I think it complements my face shape quite nicely.

So, I found this guy by messaging Tiffany Beauty, the same place where I got dermaplaned for the first time. She referred me to his studio, and for 250,000 won cash, I had beautiful new eyebrows. Quick note, they require you to wire them 100,000 to secure the reservation. One thing I am curious about, though, is how much a touch up session would be. Would it be discounted? I guess we will wait and see (and I will update you).

His name is Jo Jae Ho, and he was super helpful with directions, so if you are navigationally challenged like me, then you are in luck! Also, in general, when you make the appointment on instagram like I did, they will send many photos of maps with arrows. They’re super on top of it–I’m just the navigationally challenged one. He even waited outside of the local gas station because I was confused by the local side streets. What a nice guy!

It was a very clean studio, and I had a nice peaceful nap the whole time. Below is the before and after, and I really like it! You can see his instagram here if you’re interested in making an appointment for yourself. He is not fluent in English, but I found it very easy to communicate with him. He paid a lot of attention to my eyebrows, and I truly felt like he was giving me his best work. Even before he started, he spent some time really studying my brows to make sure he would give me the best ones possible. I liked his dedication. I’ll definitely be doing back.

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2 thoughts on “Getting Your Eyebrows (Re)Microbladed in Seoul

  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences! These are so interesting!

    1. guacandrollinseoul October 27, 2020 — 4:15 pm

      Awww thank you so much!

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