Getting My First Dermaplaning

As synchronicity truly exists, I randomly stumbled upon an Instagram of someone who did it somewhat close by and also spoke English. I went to Tiffany Beauty in Sillim. I paid 50,000 won for a deposit to secure my reservation, and it was 30,000 when I arrived there. For an additional 10,000 won, you could receive an ampoule treatment. As you are removing the top layer of your skin, it’s incredibly important to keep your skin extra moisturized. I paid the extra for the ampoule treatment, and I’m glad I did. I made the appointment over Instagram, and I was able to do it in English very easily. I loved how prompt communication was.

Getting there was actually quite easy. Yes, it is a bit of a walk from Sillim station (about 15 or 20 minutes depending how fast you walk), but the directions are straightforward. Before I arrived, I received multiple pictures of maps and buildings are landmarkers. I am rather navigationally challenged, and I found it very easy to get there.

Getting the actual treatment felt very relaxing. At all times, I noticed there was a bunch of lotion on me, so as to make sure my skin wouldn’t be too dry. I was a little nervous about what I was getting myself into. Was it going to be like actually shaving my face? Was I going to get any annoying little cuts? No! It was great!

I was super surprised how much hair (peach fuzz) she removed. She even goes all the way to the bottom of your neck. By the time I was finished, I felt like my skin had more of a glowy texture to it. In my personal opinion, my skin felt awesome. I wanted to give a little time before writing this, just in case there was a breakout in response to this. I am pleased to report that there was not! It was very dry afterwards, but I did not experience peeling or flaking. Instead, I made sure to moisturize extra by using slightly heavier creams and doing a sheet mask every day for the next few days after.

Mask breakouts notwithstanding, my breakouts have significantly decreased. My skin still feels brighter. However, I’ve noticed that it grows back quickly. I mean, this makes total sense to me, but I feel that once you actually see how much peach fuzz you have, you’re shocked at how hairy you really are.

Overall, I would definitely do this again. I am curious about learning a DIY at home technique in the future, but for now I personally feel more comfortable having a professional do it. I feel that this has done wonders for my skin. I would also recommend this to someone experiencing skin trouble because of a mask, as I think this could slightly minimize skin damage in that particular area.

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