Coco’s Matcha: Matcha Paradise

Are you matcha obsessed just like I am? Good! I’ve got a special place for you! I can’t take credit for finding this gem. It was a friend who had suggested we try this place out. I found this place to be delicious, friendly, and absolutely adorable.

Coco’s Matcha, located in Sinsa, is just the perfect small cafe. Most things in Korea tend to be swarmed with people once they’re “found out”. Either we came at a golden time (Saturday afternoon) or it hasn’t reached everyone yet. I expected there to be a line outside, but there was none. There were also plenty of tables available. I got the vibe that this was a cafe where you could stay for awhile (and of course get multiple rounds of their deliciousness). And so we did.

As you can see, it doesn’t look like a big production compared to some other cafes in the area. Although you can only see barstools near the front window from the pictures, there were a variety of tables available. I do, however, wish the chairs were more comfy, but first world gripes, right?

The interior is absolutely adorable, and yet it still has a calming vibe. I should mention that they also have donuts, but they were all sold out when I arrived. They made a couple new ones before we had left, but I honestly wasn’t feeling the options. Besides, I wanted to save my sugar quota for the matcha drinks themselves.

You could pick your match from either Jeju or Japan, which I thought was pretty cool, although I didn’t really know much about the difference. I liked that they had all sorts of cool varieties that I never would have considered otherwise (hello strawberry and pumpkin spice!), so I feel that there’s definitely a combination for everyone out there.


I was totally fangirling over the process and creepily watched the whole thing happen. Lucky for me, the staff was super sweet and seemed understanding.

I think what I actually liked the most about this place was how we weren’t rushed and we didn’t feel pressure to have one drink and leave. It was nice to just have a relaxing Saturday afternoon with a friend and be able to color (one of my honest to goodness favorite things to do out at a cafe with a friend). I felt that because it was so relaxing and everyone was so kind, it incentivized us to try more than one round. There’s just so much to choose from! It was also great to break away from another typical iced americano at some place with a nice aesthetic. While I’m not saying I drank pure superfoods on my day off, I like to hope my sugar intake was slightly balanced with the benefits of matcha?

So, yeah, everyone go here! Let’s hope this place sticks around for awhile. I always get so sad when all my favorite places just randomly disappear.

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1 thought on “Coco’s Matcha: Matcha Paradise

  1. I really love authentic Matcha, so being able to see them prepare it would be a nice experience. I hope I come by a café like this someday. By the way…

    Merry Christmas! 🙂

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