Joejt: Seoul’s Take on a Hungarian Ruin Bar

I’ve gotta be honest: this post is long overdue. I first stumbled upon this place back in August and have made sure to visit since. It was actually one of those synchronistic occurrences.

I was in Songpanaru walking down a street and I saw a sign advertising itself (in English) as an “ice cream pub”. It being the heat of summer and being intrigued by ice cream and alcohol, I followed the narrow staircase down.

The signs that started it all.

As soon as I got down, I was pleasantly surprised. I realized it was meant to be a take on a Hungarian ruin bar .  Even better was how giddy the staff was that I picked this up. Hungarian signs notwithstanding, apparently it was still pretty new and no one had yet to mention it yet. Honestly, I just instantly fell in love with these people.

So, basically the concept of a Hungarian ruin bar is to take an old shoddy building, get a bunch of mismatched furniture from who knows where and make it a cool, eclectic work. While it was clear that this place is new and hasn’t officially done it (probably because the building itself is quite structurally sound), I was still feeling the decor.

Andddd just a few more (because I got snap happy and really couldn’t control myself).

So what I really like about this place is how it’s quite diverse. I definitely enjoy the occasional drink (more on their good ones later), they have a nice selection of nonalcoholic drinks, snacks, and now even ghoulash. I’m really looking forward to trying the ghoulash, probably sometime this week, but I wanted to finally post this. Will update you all when I do.

For the drinks, you can get soft serve ice cream with syringes of alcohol (there are a variety of choices). Obviously, this is meant as a nice little dessert, but they also have strong, well-made cocktails, and what I thought was awesome as an “alcohol popsicle” It was a mojito popsicle, and it was added into a cup. I can attest that both the cocktail I had and the mojito popsicle was quite strong. I prefer spending a little extra on maybe like 1 well made strong drink that gives a chatty buzz and then fades. This place has definitely got that down.

In this picture, you can clearly see the two cups being for the mojito popsicle and my one strong cocktail. On the right, its the soft serve ice cream and honestly was it tea or a shot? I feel bad but I genuinely don’t remember. Below, of course, is what I feel is the most fun part: the alcohol syringes into the ice cream. I had so much fun doing this! It’s the simple pleasures in life.

Joejt 2

I have yet to mention their incredible service and another something special they have on their menu. There it is, in all of its glory, a traditional chimney cake, or as Google has enlightened me, Kürtőskalács.

(Disclaimer: I am not the official spokesperson for what is and what is not “traditional”. I can tell you it’s definitely Hungarian. it tasted similar, and it was good. This is similar to how I feel about Mexican food. I certainly appreciate it, I like some places more so than others, but whether it’s authentic is up to you. As a Jersey girl, however, I can definitely be Judgey McJudgerson on what is and what is not a “real” bagel. Ha!)


So, yeah, all of you need to come down to this hidden gem, They have an instagram, and you can even message them in English. The last time I was there, I saw more tables filled, but I think this place is so cool that if more people knew about it that it would be packed.

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