Village 11 Factory Sale & Skincare Shopping in Garosugil

Full disclosure: I had never heard of Village 11 Factory until the day I received a message from a friend asking me if I wanted to go to this special super sale they were having. Being me and being a sucker for bargains and freebies (It’s a miracle that I do so well with easily letting go of material things.), I was immediately all in.

The sale lasted for 59 minutes, starting at 11am on 8/11. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, but I was down for the ride. I was expecting there to be a sea of people coiling outside of the doors way before a godly hour. I was (happily mistaken), and there were only about 5 people in front of us. In fact, there weren’t too many people at all, which was super strange. Usually just about anything in Korea will magnetize a sea of people, all wandering aimlessly on their phones, bumping into each other constantly. However, this was an awesome, orderly, and legit sale. I’m really glad the company did this, and their customer service was so outstanding that they now have me as a loyal customer. I look forward to trying different and new products from them in the future.

Okay, so the whole ordeal wasn’t entirely too good to be true. You could only get a maximum of 5 items per person of the Village 11 Factory brand only and not any of the other brands they carry. The good news is that it applied to all Village 11 Factory items, and they were all full size. Any of those items were 1,100 won each. Bonus points for the staff being so helpful and accommodating. I joked with one sales rep that he was my new best friend. I find Korean skin care/beauty shops to often just be really fun and friendly. They love to help you (if they speak English, which is usually often if they do), and they love to give the good ol’ Korean service and give you freebies when you buy from them. I wasn’t sure if I could score any freebies since it was a special sale, but I had my fingers crossed. It is Korea after all. There was hope.

We got there early, expecting a coil of people eager to barge through the doors the second the clock struck 11. Actually, when we first got there, it was basically empty. We were able to leave the nonexistent line and grab a coffee. When we returned, there were a whopping 5-6 people in front of us.

Upon entrance, we were greeted by staff, whom were eager to help us out. I didn’t expect the inside to be so cool, with all its various themed rooms. They also carried many different brands and we were only able to get the deal on the Village 11 Factory brand. Luckily, the promotional objects were easily labeled. At two stores, there were soo many products. It was definitely sensory overload. Here’s giddy me when we first got in. Everything is just so fun and colorful.


Due to the maximum of 5 products rule, I really had to choose wisely. I loved how everything was full size. I was really getting my money’s worth.

It took me all of 10 minutes to finish my purchase. Obviously, I could have posted this much earlier, but I wanted to take the time out and actually use my haul so I could have a better understanding of what I had actually bought. The best part was when you got to the cash register, there was yet another promotion. You could follow another one of their instagram accounts, show it to them, and receive a free contour pen. I don’t know anything about contouring, but I’m kind of excited to try it out someday,

Weeks later, I’m definitely very satisfied with my haul (and not because the whole thing came to 5,500 won!). I use the toner multiple times a day, and I love the face sunscreen the most. I like that it’s actually a gel instead of a cream. I feel that this has done wonders for my pores. The collagen ampule is also great, and I use it interchangeably with another serum I have for each night. The body oil wash set was a complete steal, seeing as I got both of those for 1,100, and I’m a big fan of the Anti Hair loss treatment, as my hair is super processed and has become much thinner since coming to Korea.  This will probably be my last spree for quite some time.

I figured that since I’m in Garusogil, I might as well check out a few other places too. I know I’m late to the party, but I first heard of The Ordinary over the summer, where 29cm in Gangnam sold their products as a pop-up. Because it was super affordable and the ingredients list was legit, I was willing to try a few things. Back on my 29cm haul (not pictured), I purchased Buffet, the High Spreadability Liquid Primer, and the Squalene Cleanser. I tried these products on as soon as I got home. My only regret was that I wish I bought more. I absolutely loved my purchase. I use Buffet multiple times a week, and the Squalene Cleanser is on rotation with my other cleansers. I also like how it’s also a makeup remover as well. As for the primer, I don’t use primer often, but I find this one fo be a godsend because I have oily, pore-y skin, and I love how it doesn’t feel to thick on my face.

Fast forward about a month, and it turn out that The Ordinary is sold at Deciem in Garsugil, where apparently the selection is much larger and the prices are still the same. (Minor side note: I’m looking forward to trying their foundation, but I won’t buy any until my current foundation runs out. I want to use up what I already have.)

Sorry to let everyone down, but I didn’t buy much. Believe me, I was super tempted to, but I want to start small and slowly buy one or two products at once and make sure I use them on the daily. I do want want to say that I forgot to take a picture of the selection, but that it was a good selection, and it was fully stocked. Staff were also super friendly, and there was someone eager to help in English. The reason one of the serums is bigger is because they had a bigger option for a slightly cheaper price, so I figured why not? Weeks later, I am very satisfied with both of these serums. I like how you can use them as a standalone or how you can mix and match most of them. I especially love the serums because it’s still quite warm out and creams clog my pores too much in humidity.

I know, I know. This could have been a much bigger and thus much more impressive haul, but I want to be a thoughtful consumer. All in all, I’m pretty happy with the stuff I got. My two favorite food options, Bad Farmer and Vege Table, are no more, so where could we eat? Luckily, Chickpeace came in to save the day. It didn’t have as cool as a vibe as the previous two establishments. Rather, it had more of a cafeteria feel to it. That’s okay. It was 1) cheap (always a bonus to find in a pricey area!) and 2) clean eating. It’s not a far walk from Village 11 or Deciem, so it was a win. Anything with that much avocado and with a mediterranean vibe is going to win my heart over instantly. (And look at those magnificent olives!)


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