Mari Mari Cultural Village

It was the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon. To be honest, we weren’t quite sure if going was going to be a good idea. At the very least, I was hesitant that it would be a boring museum kind of set up. I imagined glass cases with pottery enclosed. I was worried that I would spend too much time indoors when I should be outside as much as possible (even if it was rainy). Being such a lush region with clean air (the polar opposite of Seoul), I felt that coming here was the perfect combination of 1) nature 2) culture 3) fun and 4) food.

Getting there wasn’t too hard, as we just used the Grab app. However, there wasn’t service out there for the way back, so luckily the staff arranged a cab for us. When you arrive, you and your group of around 10 people or so are assigned your own personal tour guide.


It’s about half outside, half in different kinds of housing, so I definitely recommend a poncho in case it is raining. Once your depart, you cross this fun bridge (which reminds me of a slew of Nickelodeon cartoons for some reason.). There is a lot of walking involved, so I do recommend that you wear comfortable shoes.


There are five different tribes you get to learn about. Each one has their different housing, practices, activities and best of all, food. You get to try a variety of different snacks and fruit.

There was also no shortage of activities, and they are quite interactive as well. Also, everything is included in the price. On the site, it says that it’s RM175, but to be honest, I remember it being much cheaper, around $20 or so. I remember the entire afternoon (Grab included) to be quite affordable, so I definitely don’t think it was around $40. We chose the afternoon tour, which I felt was the perfect time. It was a few hours, but we still had our evening left to enjoy a nice dinner and sunset elsewhere. Some of the activities included, henna, dances, the really cool trampoline you get to jump on, and of course, the low tech blowgun.


The henna was small, but I enjoyed it. Mine lasted a few days. It was average, but still fun to be part of the whole experience.


We got to see them make fire!


This part was probably my favorite. Not shown is how we all got to jump too and see how high we could go.


You also get to try out a blow gun! I was not very skilled, but it was still cool to try.


When you are done visiting the five different tribes/homes, you end up at a pavilion. There’s a big performance with singing and dancing. Overall, this was just a super fun experience, and I would totally go again. I’ve even recommended this to my students to go see with their families. I think there is something here for everyone.

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  1. this whole adventure looks like such a great time !!

  2. What an amazing trip!!

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