Best Sunset in Kota Kinabalu

In Kota Kinabalu? Lucy you! You are surrounded by awesomeness. Being in Borneo was my second time being in Malaysia (first was in Langkawi). Overall, I found Borneo to be safe, inexpensive, filled with amazing food and people, and incredibly easy to get around. While there are arguably many beautiful spots to see the sun set, my favorite one was at the Shangri La Sunset Bar. (Yes, it really was that incredible.)

Bonus! Where to stay in KK City!

Stay at Faloe Hostel. it was probably the best hostel experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve easily stayed in about a dozen different hostels or so in my life. To begin with, they have super high ratings. They gave me the book up, and even went to far as to reimburse me  for two nights (I didn’t even have to ask) when I decided on a whim that I would jet off to Sandakan. You can even get there by airport city bus for about $2, and it’s in a super nice area. Okay, you get the point. Everyone stay at Faloe Hostel!

Okay, so about Shangri La Sunset Bar. We used Grab to get there, making getting there very easy and pretty affordable. Getting there was about $10, but for some reason it was much cheaper returning. I wonder if it has something to do with being more expensive for optimal profit because everyone is going there for the sunset?

Anyway, once you arrive, we expected to pay about a $20 cover charge to get in. This is what we were told by the hostel, but it doesn’t say anything about that on the site. When we got there, not only was there not a cover charge, but we got placed right in the front. They said this was because it was a slow night. We were quite literally in paradise!

What a view!

Kota Kinabalu Sunset1

There was a food and drinks menu with special outside of sunset times. The drink specials were buy one, get one. There weren’t any food specials, but we felt that when thinking in terms of $USD, we had a pretty good deal. There was also shisha for about $10. Because it’s a nice resort, expect to spend much more than you would at most places in the area. However, the quality was impressive, and the atmosphere made it all worth it.

Kota Kinabalu Sunset3

It was such a beautiful, peaceful experience!

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