Cafe Mula

It can sometimes be a challenge to find a cute cafe that actually has decent drinks and food/dessert. While Seoul is home to some of the cutest, instagrammable cafes, what you have to buy there leaves something to be desired. It can sometimes be overpriced, too, because you’re really paying for the experience. While Cafe Mula has rooftop access, is aesthetically pleasing, and has incredible customer service, I think their best feature is their green tea tiramisu.

Located in Sinsa, (super close to Vege Table, so you can grab a bite there before or after!) Cafe Mula is the perfect place to take a break from window shopping and people watching. It might be a little bit hard to find at first because it’s tucked away so keep your eyes peeled.

While it seems to have a lot more seating than other cafes I’ve been to, it’s actually quite busy so you might have to wait a couple minutes. I also just loved all attention to detail. One of the most notable things from this visit was how nice staff were. Seriously, it felt like I was at Disney.

Their lattes were good for sure, but it didn’t win me over. BUT OH MY GOSH THE GREEN TEA TIRAMISU! I think it’s technically supposed to be shared with people, but there was no way in heaven that was going to happen.



Yes, yes, look at that majestic thing! Bonus points for the grapes because it tricked me into thinking I was eating something remotely healthy.

Also, as you can see, it also has quite an airy view. There are the stairs for going up to the rooftop. It started getting busier up top later in the afternoon when it wasn’t so hot.


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