Avant Garde Rooftop

Now that summer has been in full swing for quite some time now, it’s the perfect time to be outside and watch as many sunsets as possible. What better place than to do it on a rooftop?

Somewhat hidden in the more quieter area of Itaewon is Avant Garde Rooftop. I was here a couple weeks back for a friend’s birthday. It’s the perfect combination of drinks, food, and cozy atmosphere. This is the perfect place for a date or a relaxed evening with friends.

There are also two floors. You can eat inside if you want cooler air or in case in rains. What I love so much about the outside, though, are the plants that surround you.


I quite liked the light fixtures as well.


Some sunset views.


There were a variety of seating arrangements. I’m always one for comfy chairs!

For drinks, I wouldn’t consider this place to be a particularly special place for cocktails, as opposed to, say, Southside Parlor.  However, they had a decent selection. I couldn’t tell you too much, though, as I just had a glass of house white. The food, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

I arrived super hungry, and I didn’t do much research before arriving. I had no idea if there was going to be anything to eat or what. Even more, I didn’t want to be stuck with overpriced mozzarella sticks. Also, the entire menu is in Korean but if you can read, you can feel your way around it no problem. Anyway, I can confidently say that this pizza was amazing. While it was 25,000 won (rooftop bars aren’t known for being cheap), it was the perfect amount of filling (not too heavy), had a good amount of greens (so I felt slightly healthy eating it), and large enough where I split it with a friend and we could barely finish it. Get this and you won’t be sorry!


The best way to get here is to take the train to Noksapyong station. The link provided up top also has a map. Enjoy! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Avant Garde Rooftop

  1. amazing place, will write down to go in my next stop in Seoul 😀 PedroL

    1. guacandrollinseoul October 26, 2018 — 12:32 am

      Aww thank you! I am so happy to hear it! 🙂

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