Paper Present

Paper Present was an exhibition featuring a variety of artists that made a variety of things out of paper. Although this exhibition is no longer available, I couldn’t not post about it (sorry for the delay!) I was fortunate enough to see this in Insadong before it vanished.

There were a variety of items created. In fact there were so many that I only kept the photos of the ones that truly stood out to me. The museum itself felt rather cramped and winded up the building. There were many people there (it should have been called People Present, ha!), so I feel rather lucky to have gotten the photos I did without anyone in them. For these photos, it actually took many tries to get them without any blurred heads or elbows.

These cups/bowls seem so fragile. How did they get them up there? I was fascinated of how intricate and, well, beautiful everything was. Just look at the detail! How do they even craft such wonders?


It was a long line just to get in the exhibit, but I’m glad I waited it out. At first, my favorite part was these birds, but once I encountered the the wall fixtures, I was truly stunned. Walking through these felt so ethereal. This part alone made the entire day worth it. There was so much of it that I felt you could get lost in it.


I feel like the pictures can’t even grasp the magnitude of this thing. For what felt like a small, cramped building, the walls in this room felt high. The white and colored strands come down at varying lengths. I’m not going to lie, it was fun exploring this and getting lost in between the strands.

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