Sangria & a Ball Pit

Back in grad when I would tune out the useless ramblings of special snowflakes from their ivory towers, I dreamed of a Discovery Zone for adults. Being a stereotypical 90’s kid, short of a much privileged trip to Disney World, DZ was the penultimate experience. While I never got to have a birthday party there, I was fortunate to have been invited to (and subsequently attended) my fair share. Even better, lucky me had a friend whose dad would take us just for the fun of it.

Anyway, I digress. My Discovery Zone fantasy unfortunately never came to fruition. I do, however, recall being so bored from doing journaling projects which consisted of spewing out useless jargon that I once actually googled the plastic parts to see if I could ever start one myself. Once I remembered every possible lawsuit that could ensue, I aborted my plan.

Fast forward close to a decade later, and I learn that Urban Source exists. It doesn’t have a tunnel slide or plastic coated bungee cords to climb, but it has a ball pit, large toys, and booze. And to be quite frank, that’s good enough for me.

Located a brief walk from Seongsu station (line 2; click the link above for a map), Urban Source is the perfect place for a day with your girls or your date. However, I’m not sure if your date would appreciate it as much as your girls might.

There are two entrances. The one on the left is the bar/ball pit magic, while the one on the right is a cafe. The cafe is okay, but when the weather is night, you can go to the rooftop. The last time I was on the rooftop was last summer, and there were puppies there. Are you sold yet?


Anyway, back to the ball pit magic. It’s not too deep, but it’s super fun to lay in. You can sit on tubes or cuddly with a giant teddy bear. It has cute colored lights, and you can take endless cute pictures there. Laying in the balls is also therapeutic, so it’s like you’re killing two birds with one stone.


You can even do it when you’re slightly buzzed on sangria or other cute, instagrammable cocktails. The cocktails aren’t cheap, and there are non-alcoholic options available, but you’re kinda paying for the atmosphere. There are some snacks available, but I’d suggest eating beforehand.

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