The Chipotle of Salad Bars

My all-time favorite place to get a salad in Korea is VegeTable. It’s 1) somewhat affordable and 2) incredibly customizable.

I stumbled upon this place about two years ago when I had braces. Obviously, eating a salad with braces is its own special form of torture, but it was a nice treat about my monthly visit to the ortho. There’s something so wholesome and unassuming about this place, which makes me love it all the more. Even better, it isn’t jam packed like other places nearby.

I love this whole area to begin with, so it’s the perfect stop to grab something as you are walking about. Bonus points if you want to feel healthy before or after binging at the many instagrammable cafes closeby.

vege table1

When you walk in, you have the choice of ordering each item individually, Chipotle style, and being charged as you go, or you can pick from a menu of great options. I used to get a little too excited with adding whatever I wanted into my bowl, but then it got really expensive. Yes, you can get extra avocado! My personal favorite now is the New Yorker.

They have free little toppings you can add on top, as well as (not free) juices and assorted pickled items. However, there is infused water, and it’s pretty darn good.

vege table

I find them chopping it to be oddly satisfying.

While it has a small interior, eating outside, I think, is the best part.

vege table2

vege table4

The top two salads are the Fisherman, the bottom left is the New Yorker, and the one on the right is the Mexican.

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