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This was my first time actually eating at a 100% raw vegan restaurant. Before I left the states three years ago, visiting one in Manhattan was on my “closure to-do list”; however, I never got around to it with packing and getting documents ready for Korea.

I’ve always been fascinated by raw vegans. I’ve also always secretly wanted to be one, but, alas, like most people, I just don’t think the realities would be compatible with my lifestyle.

I had really high hopes for this place. I have a minor obsession with that really “clean full” feeling you get after eating a legitimately healthy meal, but I always ask myself, “At what cost?” How much was I going to pay at a place like this? Did I really want to spend a fortune at a potentially bougie place?

This was definitely not the case. I was absolutely astonished at how affordable the dishes were. Even better, there were no “health blowhards”. There is a special place for people who think they are morally superior because of their large vegetable consumption. It’s at the DMV on the hottest of summer days with a broken air conditioner. And they can get stuck assembling IKEA furniture on the dirty linoleum during their 4 hour wait.

But I digress. I spent 8,000 won on a curry zoodle bowl. “Was this going to be worth it?,” I worried. Would I have to secretly grab a burrito 20 minutes later? Well, it was indeed. My biggest gripe is that the bowl was so large that the photo below makes it look like a meager portion. Trust me on this one, okay? I’m a bottomless pit, and I definitely felt that “clean full” feeling after this. I was a fan of how they gave plenty of sauce. The one downside, though, is that it had a little kick to it, but now I pride myself on consuming medium salsa so this shouldn’t be an issue next time I go.


Ah, dessert. Am I the only one who thinks that it’s because it’s raw and vegan that it’s a reverse calorie magic dish? Oh, of course not. But it’s okay, fellow vegan snack bingers, I’m one of you. This was a Snickers cake, and it was holy mother of pearl the best dessert I have ever had. Seriously. I feel bad that I don’t remember the exact cost, but I think it was 5-6,000 won.


I just absolutely adore this place. I’m super stoked to go back and be a loyal customer for an eternity. I will say there are two caveats. 1) It’s small, so seating might be limited and 2) It seems as if they sell out of things fast. I didn’t experience either when I went, but it’s something you should keep in mind.

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