Mr. Healing

Themed cafes and relaxation seem to be Korea’s specialty. I know the relaxation part may seem a bit odd considering that just now the 68 hour workweek is being dropped to 52. But, with that aside, a mad dash to try out a Bodyfriend for free (good luck!) or spending a little extra at a jjimjilbang are no longer the only options for a quality massage without someone touching you. While I have posted about some themed cafes such as the Raccoon cafe and the Unicorn cafe, this cafe, known as a “Healing Cafe” is about getting a coffee and relaxing in a massage chair.

Mr. Healing has many locations, but this one is in Seohyeon. If you take the Bundang line to Seohyeon station, get out of exit 5. You want to walk to the end of the strip and then turn left. Keep walking until you have reached the end of the block. Look across the street and up. It will be about a 5-7 minute walk from the station. I’m navigationally challenged and I was able to find it just fine.

Prices are super affordable. You can get either a 30  minute (₩ 9,900) or 50 minute session (₩13,000). Both of these options include a free tea or coffee. Another thing I like is the privacy. Each little enclosure has two chairs. I went in the morning and no one was there, so it was great to be able to fully tune out the world. There’s also classical music and an aromatherapy machine to help make you feel even more relaxed.



They even give you a small plush blanket you can snuggle up with! The remote has all sorts of options available, just like your typical massage chair.


When you’re feeling zen and you don’t want to rage anymore, you can head out to the peaceful cafe part.




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