Melting Pom

For all you Lisa Frank lovers, rejoice! There is a cafe just for you, and it’s called Melting Pom. Although this isn’t an actual Lisa Frank cafe, it’s done in the same style. This is the perfect place to go with some friends and catch up in some comfy spots while having delicious drinks and cute snacks. (1) copy 5

To be honest, I didn’t know if going here would be worth it. For those of you who don’t know, Seoul is a huge metropolitan city. Think 1 million more people than Manhattan. While this is always an abundance of cute stuff, things are often very spread out. I was worried if traveling an hour for me would be met with a swarm of people who already had the same idea as me. My advice? Go here on an off time, especially a weekday.

Getting there wasn’t difficult. You can check out the link I posted at the beginning of this post. Once you arrive at the station Konkuk University of Foreign Studies, you basically just walk through the campus and seeing the cafe is easy to see. It’s about a 7 minute walk total. We went on Tuesday late afternoon, a day that most people had work. We got cute spots, but the cutest ones were already taken. On the door, however, it says that it’s open until 2am. You might have better luck if you go in later. (1)

I loved the decor, and I also found the drinks and snacks to be worth it, too. I got a caramel popcorn latte, and I think the other one is a marshmallow one. Our unicorn bread is covered in cream cheese. There is also a s’mores bread, but they ran out of bread after we order the unicorn bread. (1) copy 2 (1) copy

Beds! I love the little tables. I saw people on their laptops, and this could be a good comfy place to catch up on writing. (1) copy 3 (1) copy 4

There is also a gated section for this little buddy. I just fell in love with this little face!

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  1. Winston Churchill January 14, 2018 — 5:27 am

    So girly

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