Salad Brothers

Hongdae is one of my favorite areas in Seoul, but its food choices often disappoint me. In my opinion, Hongdae simply doesn’t have the healthy food options that Itaewon, HBC, or Apgujeong does. Again Refresh was always my go to spot until one day I went and it magically disappeared. Instead, there was this place.

Salad Brothers is about a five minute walk if you go straight out of Exit 3 out of Hongik University Station. It’s on the second floor, on your left side. Sometimes I worry about these salad bowls because I feel that they are pricey but not too filling. Then I have to secretly binge on a kebab, which defeats the purpose. This was very filling. I also like that you could choose how much dressing is mixed into your bowl. The staff were super nice, and I would honestly just go back for that. They were very warm and welcoming. They also speak English, which is always an added bonus.


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