I’m always excited to try new veg places, but sometimes I worry. Some veg places I have been to here in Seoul are very expensive, the portions aren’t filling, and the food is sometimes dry. I found Vegetus to be quite different.


I found the atmosphere to be very welcoming, and the staff to be very kind. I thought it was cute how they had little blankets. It was a good environment to stay awhile and chat.


I got the Beans Party Salad for 12,000 won. Again, I was quite nervous. I am a bottomless pit, and when I go to these kinds of places, I always spend a lot of money to feel filled. This one salad did the trick. Not only that, but I felt full and clean when I left. I didn’t feel like I was expecting a carb baby. (1)

My only regret was that I didn’t visit the actual storefront sooner. I first tried Vegetus at the Spring Veganfest. They had a stand with vegan pizzas. I’m not gonna lie– vegan pizza sounded a little scary at first. But, theirs was delicious. I can’t wait to go back to try their Eggplant pizza.

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