Veg Korean at Osegyehyang

I have enough self-awareness to call myself out on account of being a complete and total stereotype. I love Korean food, but I’m a baby when it comes to spice. For me, living life on the wild side is getting the medium salsa from the foreign aisle simply because I have yet to see mild here. That doesn’t stop me from appreciating some kimchi jiggae, or anything that resembles it. I will sit there with my eyes watering and nose runny, looking like a total dork, but at least my stomach and heart are happy.

Loving Korean food and loving veg cuisine make Osegyehyang a perfect spot. It’s a Korean veg restaurant tucked away down an alley in Insadong.

Even though Insadong is touristy, I love walking down the main strip and getting lost down its various alleys. This restaurant is located at the far end of one of the alleys, and it’s quite picturesque. It’s cute and cozy.

It has a traditional feel to it. As soon as you enter, you are required to take your shoes off. There are various floor tables and cushions, and it’s actually very comfortable. (1) (1) copy


I’ve been here a handful of times now, and I’m always trying new dishes. My most recent dish was the Grilled Soy Protein Stew. It was affordable, delicious, and the portion sizes were very filling. (1) copy 2




As is typical with Korean restaurants, the banchan was delicious, abundant, and filling. To me, the best feeling is feeling comfortably full. I always feel this way when I’m done here. (1) copy 3

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