Tucked away in a small storefront just a few blocks away from Seolleung Station is the Mexican eatery, GOD EAT. Before we go further, I should claim that I’m no expert in Mexican food. I don’t claim to know what is and isn’t “authentic”. I just know if 1) I like it and 2) others will like it too. Such is GOD EAT.

I stumbled across this place on my way to E-mart back in 2016. I think they just opened around this time. I remember my utter delight in finding a place that loosely resembled Chipotle.  Around this time, I wrote a love letter to Chipotle, asking if they would be opening up in Seoul. While they (lovingly) dashed my hopes and dreams, less than two years later, the magical La Cucharra would be up and running in Gangnam.

Basically, this place is great if you’re looking for something like Chipotle. It doesn’t taste like Chipotle at all (it doesn’t try to), but it’s still enjoyable.


When you first walk in.


Up close of the menu. (Bonus: It’s in English too.)



Anddd it’s got cute decor.



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