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The first time I went to this chain, it was where Salad Brothers in Hongdae is now. For as much hype as Gangnam receives, I find their food options (besides La Cucharra, of course) to be lacking. Gangnam is great for shopping, but how many places can you go for food that leaves you feeling clean and energized?

Located near Gangnam station (behind the CGV), Again Refresh is the perfect pit stop for clean eating. I usually can’t bring myself to stray away from anything avocado related, but I decided to try something new.




Here’s just a small selection of what this place has to offer.




I got the fig bowl (vegetarian) with a lentil soup (which I am almost positive is not vegetarian, if I remember correctly). The bowl and soup were outstanding. I may have even found a new favorite bowl.



I’m a sucker for fancy juices, and this one was advertised as skin clearing. I was sold. It was grapefruity, and just not for me, although my friend got the same one and was a fan.

This bowl below wasn’t a salad bowl but a rice one. I didn’t try this one, but my friend definitely recommends it.



Prices: It isn’t exactly a cheap eat location, but I felt that the bowls were filling and somewhat reasonably priced for being healthy food (which is usually more on the pricey side). Most items were between 9,000-13,000 won. If I remember correctly, the fig bowl was around 10,000.




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