Over the weekend, some friends and I visited Sanchon for vegan temple food and a traditional show.

At 45,000 won per person, I felt like we definitely got what we paid for. We received many, filling courses of vegan food, the restuarant had a great cozy atmosphere, and we got to see a traditional show.

1) Food.

We received dozens of different foods. Unfortunately, I have no idea what our foods actually were. However, I did stumble across this site describing Korean temple food. When I first saw our plate, I was unsure of what to think. I had never actually had temple food of any kind before, so this was a first for me. The foods looked so different and so small. For some of the dishes, we were only given one item per person at the table. As time went on, our platters became bigger and more filling. They topped us off with a delicious but not overly sweet dessert.

2) Atmosphere.

Sanchon was incredibly cozy. We felt very comfortable, but it was also great that they placed all the parties far enough away from each other so that we had our privacy.

3) Show.

During our multiple courses, we got to watch a traditional show. It was really cool to see all the different outfits. At the end, they had our table get up and dance around with them as we played traditional Korean instruments. While it was a fun experience, I am eternally grateful that there aren’t any photos or videos of me doing this.


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