Salon du Chocolat Seoul

If I haven’t mentioned this before, living near a huge convention center has it’s perks, especially when if you sign up before a certain time, it’s free. Salon du Chocolat Seoul was just the event.

I’ve always been a chocoholic, so discovering that such a thing exists made me quite giddy.

I just expected it to be tents of chocolate and maybe the occasional chocolatey thing but it was just so much more.

I didn’t even get to the free samples yet.

As soon as I walked in, I was greeted by chocolate art. (1) copy 4 (1) copy 5 (1)

Chocolate fashion. (1) copy 3

Cake decorating. (1) copy 9 (1) copy 7 (1) copy 2


This chocolatey pudding-esque drink was super rich (and heavenly!) (1) copy 6

Cacao nib tea. This wasn’t bitter at all. It was actually nice and light. (1) copy 8

You can’t have a chocolate expo without a chocolate fountain. This made me feel like I was getting some nutrients amidst all the incredible free samples. (1) copy

All in all, it was pretty awesome spending a few hours being able to attend a free expo and sampling an abundance of free chocolate.

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