Avocado Brunch & Free Clothes


So, I have a condition that I like to hope other women have, too. It’s called closet amnesia. It’s when you have absolutely nothing to wear, but a few weeks later, you open your closet and things literally pour out. I swear all my stuff was hiding when I took forever to get ready and I had nothing to wear…

I get bored with my clothes easily. For me, spending a lot of money on clothes doesn’t make any sense. I don’t plan on keeping most items for too long. Also, I’d rather save the money for travel. I still fall prey to a good clearance rack, though.

One of my biggest life achievements might just be that I got my MacBook Pro from a dumpster. I’m all about discounted, second-hand, upcycling, freecycling, dumpster diving, etc. The concept of a clothes swap is right up my alley.

I’ve been to at least a dozen swaps by now. Back in the states, some friends and I would get together and swap our stuff, but it wasn’t until Korea that I started going to official ones. It’s such a great idea, too. Foreigners who have limited space or on their way out can drop off (perfectly used) stuff, and those who are saving money or just looking for new stuff get to shop for free.

I always come back with a good sized back. It’s works because whatever I don’t want or get bored of goes right back and someone else benefits from it. Even better is that whatever isn’t adopted gets donated. Everyone wins.

My only pet peeve is when I get very excited about something and I take it home or I’m wearing it and I notice that it’s ripped or stained past the point of being repaired. Do these people not know about getting discounts from H&M for giving them all your old, ratty stuff?

My most recent haul. Obviously, the clothes need to be washed and ironed.


My favorite swaps are at Wink (Seoul National University–orange line. Exit 14, walk 100 meters, and it’s on the second floor on your right hand side.). I seem to find the best quality stuff there, and I just really love the food. It’s not to say that I haven’t lucked out elsewhere. It’s just that it’s convenient, I’m avocado-obsessed, and a lot of the stuff there is my size/style.

Sometimes when I go to these “foreigner friendly” restaurants/bars, I end up leaving a little bit disappointed. Usually, it’s super pricey, the western food is “off”, and the foods are too heavy for me. Other times, if the food is good, I end up paying a lot more than I should, but I do it anyway because I’m really craving western food, and I’ll take what I can get.

I feel that this platter is 1) amazing 2) of good value (under 10,000 won) and 3) healthy. Although these clothing swaps are free, it’s implied that you buy a dish or a drink from the venue hosting it. Even so, I love this entree so much that I’ve been just because.


In all, I feel like I made out pretty well. Not bad for a great entree and some new outfits all for what would be about $9.00.


5 thoughts on “Avocado Brunch & Free Clothes

  1. Any suggestions for making a clothing swap work? I went to an unimpressive (but fun!) one last year, and now there are rumblings in our ex-pat community about organizing one again

    1. Hey there! I, too, have been to a couple unimpressive swaps. I think it depends on your audience. While free items are always a plus, I’ve had the most luck at more fashion-forward swaps where I know clothes that are my size and style will be in abundance.

      Where exactly are you? The best swaps, for me, have been in the city of Seoul, as opposed to in the suburbs. I feel that in a more concentrated area, you will get more people and more stuff.

      I’d also suggest promoting your swap frequently among your target demographic. Do you want more families or perhaps a younger crowd? I would post to the communities you want to attract. Good luck!

      1. Thanks! I’m in Tbilisi, so a much smaller ex-pat crowd. Good advice about trying to target it more–a group of us were discussing the idea of trying to focus on a size range. Centre vs. suburbs is a good point. The group of us who were discussing it all live in the suburbs…but different suburbs.


      2. Yeah! That’s so cool! What are you doing out there? And good luck! 🙂

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