Bio Wines & Veggie Food

Over the weekend, I signed up for an event at Vineworks. It was marketed as Bio Wines & Veggie Food. Naturally, I was excited because 1) I used to be a vegetarian for 10 years and I enjoy and veggie-rich cuisine and 2) Wine.

Tickets were 25,000 won per person as an early bird special. With your ticket, you got a complimentary glass of wine and three small plates from different food tables (vendors). I really liked the food options, and I felt there was a good variety of foods I got to try. The foods were delicious, and I got great service from each vendor. I received two small plates of appetizer/ entree fare and one dessert plate. Upon request, I also received a small sample of of a veggie tart. I absolutely loved the appetizers/entrees and would gladly frequent the actual restaurants of the vendors that participated in the event.

My first plate was from Spoon Me. Jerk Jackfruit Sliders, Vegan Tartare and Coconut Lime Ceviche. The jerk jackfruit sliders and lime ceviche were legit, although the bun for the sliders was a little hard for my liking. It was a little hard to eat but good nonetheless. This company is a ghost kitchen, but if it were an actual restaurant, I would totally go. (1) copy

My second plate was from Morocco Cafe. It was Zaalouk and Taktouka. I could have eaten 10 pounds of this stuff. I would absolutely go to their actual restaurant. (1) copy 4

Here’s the veggie tart sample. To be honest, I have no idea who made it. It wasn’t included in the package. It was good, though. (1) copy 2

Dessert was from Huggers. It was a brownie and a chocolate chip muffin. I wasn’t the biggest fan of their vegan desserts, but I’ve been there before and their vegan burgers are amazing. What I love most about their burgers is that they’re actually moist. They don’t taste dry and crumbly like many vegan burgers do. (1) copy 3

It was a cool experience, but I’m not sure I would do it again. Vineworks itself was very difficult to find. The address/directions posted weren’t particularly helpful, and I waited two hours for a response on the event post that I never received. We ended up being an hour and a half late, but it turned out it wasn’t a set in stone kind of thing. We still received everything we paid for. Staff was kind and welcoming when we arrived. They seemed really cool, and I would probably go back for an actual wine tasting. I’m under the impression that that’s more of their specialty, since it is a wine place.

I felt the portions to be meager for the amount that I paid. It was also a little chilly and seated was rather limited, so we had to sit outside. If I had known that that was the set up, I probably wouldn’t have gone. Had the weather been nicer, the balcony would have been great. This could be a really cool event in warmer months with larger portions. If that ever happens, I would go for it a second time.

I loved the atmosphere of the place, both inside and outside. It was cute and cozy. This could be a great place for a date or a small party. In fact, we liked the atmosphere so much that we stayed and paid for an additional glass of vine. All in all, it was a fun way to spend an early Saturday evening.


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