Taiwanese Chip Review

I recently went to Taipei for my Chuseok vacation. One of my favorite things about Asia is the variety of chips they have. Korea, for one, has an amazing (and rather eclectic) chip selection.

Taiwanese 7-Elevens are a whole new world. It was exciting that I had one right by my hostel. It’s also really cool how different they are in each country. I have yet to see slurpees outside the States.

Here are my two favorite chips.

Lime Lays.


www.guacandrollinseoul.com (5)

My #1 favorite chips are the Hint of Lime Tostitos. It’s odd how much the little things mean to you when you’ve been away for so long. Admittedly, I’ve been guilty of spending an astronomical amount of  money at an import store for a couple bags when they were finally in stock. While these were not tortilla chips, the lime was a welcome touch. It was just enough to hold me over until I can splurge at another import store.

Seaweed 4-D chips.

www.guacandrollinseoul.com (6)

I love seaweed! I love seaweed snacks, I love seaweed in soups, I love seaweed flakes, and I love seaweed Lays. Does anyone remember 3-D Doritos? This was back when organic superfoods weren’t cool yet. Also, back when I looked at Ben & Jerry’s for the Vitamin D percentage and thought, “Good Enough!”

Anyway, with that said, this was just the logical nest step. Kind of like Doritos 3-D with seaweed sprinkles. Thank goodness I was only visiting because I could find myself with a new chip addiction.

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