We Got the Beetz!

What better way than to start my first real blog than with a post of one of my favorite lunch places?

This is Beetz in Jeongja. Its specialty is pre-packaged, healthy meals.

There’s a balance between Korean and foreign dishes, but to be honest, I go for the  western options.

I had been craving American-style sushi for quite some time now, so when I stumbled across a place that had avocado rolls, I was in heavenBye money!


There’s indoor and outdoor seating.


Avocado love.


And a genuinely cute, homey feel to it altogether.


My favorite are the sushi rolls. This is the salmon avocado one. Aww yissss. 

I spend so much money here that I rack up points to get money off my meals. All you have to do is give them your phone number. Did I mention that they give excellent service? I have been here so many times that I’ve gotten free soups and even entire free rolls.
“That’s nice and all, but where is it?”

Seeing as I’m navigationally challenged, I’ll help you as best as I can. Get out of Jeongja (Shinbundang line aka RED LINE) Exit 5. Look at this map.



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